I really loved working for this couple. Meghan & Stefan had lived together in different countries in the world. Their friends and family was coming from all around the world to celebrate their wedding in Germany. And, of course, their wedding stationery had to be bilingual.
colour trial runs

Looking for some gift tags for the holidays? Here is my new collection of gift tags for Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, or any other winter celebrations coming up.

Dealing with two languages is a challenge for anybody. And making road signs in two languages is no different. I have a thing for bilingual signs (road signs, shop signs, etc). They clearly send the message to people that languages are important.  However, they are not usually great examples of typography. They tend to be pretty boring.
French and English Canadian stop sign - Image via Visualpop
English and ? stop sign - Image by Katakanadian via Flickr

I have been very busy over the past few weeks with custom wedding orders. I thought I'd share with you what I have been up to.
I created some thank you cards for a Turkish/Brazilian couple who recently got married. They originally liked my standard multilingual thank you cards but wanted something a little more personalised.

Just finished these lovely wedding invitations and thank you cards for a Spanish/Italian couple getting married soon. (Date and names changed)

Their colours were purple and black and really wanted an apple tree to feature on the invitations.

The thank you cards contain a personal text on the front in both languages and a postcard-style back to save on postage!

The little gift tags were a gift!