Today's custom order has been adapted from this one. The couple contacted me asking to have the bicycle changed for their own drawing. I was more than happy to comply.

Following on from my post about gift tags, here are this season's holiday cards.

Since I opened my shop, I have always wanted to have packaging that met my eco expectations and lived up to the credentials of my shop and designs.

Looking for some gift tags for the holidays? Here is my new collection of gift tags for Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, or any other winter celebrations coming up.

Often, I list items and people buy them without even asking about anything even though it is customisable card. They just email me with the names they want on the cards and after I send a proof back, that is it. They are happy and so am I.
But other times, people contact me explaining they like a card but would like this and this changed or ask if it is possible and then we start on a long back and forth conversation with trials and errors.
So I have decided to show you what one of the items in my shop ends up looking like.

Do you know The European Mama?
Olga, aka The European Mama, writes about life as a mum, an expat and raising her daughters multilingually. If you don't know her blog, go check it out. She is celebrating her blog's first birthday this month. She is also giving away some of my cards!
What else do you need to go and check it out? 
Someone asked me to customise some thank you cards I have in my shop. They ended up looking nothing like the original, but that is what I like about them!
Very simple, understated thank you postcards. Ideal for a wedding. Coming soon to my shop...
L7 Designs Congratulations Card
This post is part of the Etsy Greetings Wedding Blog hop. Etsy Greetings is a wonderful team of Etsy-based artists who create all sorts of amazing greeting cards and more. All styles and wishes are catered for in this team. Diversity is key (which I like).

If you have just hopped on from Carrie's blog (L7 Designs), welcome, bienvenue, wilkommen.... If you don't know my blog, feel free to browse, but be warned, it is still new and under construction.

For the bike fans out there, here is one of my latest creations. Very simple, modern and eco-friendly Save the Date postcards. These were created for a couple who knew what they wanted from the beginning (down to the fonts). We just played with the layouts slightly.
A while back a lovely Emily from Etsy Germany emailed me to ask me if I had more wedding products in the pipeline. At the time, I only had one Save the Date card listed.
I knew wedding season was approaching and it was a top priority on my to-do list. So I replied I was working on it.