Today's custom order has been adapted from this one. The couple contacted me asking to have the bicycle changed for their own drawing. I was more than happy to comply.

Paper Papel Papier has been featured in The Green Wedding Magazine: a German magazine for all eco-conscious brides and grooms. Check it out!
Even if you don't speak German, there are some amazing photos and ideas and it is free!

You can find the website here and their facebook page here.
Have you ever tried printing on fabric? I mean putting fabric through your household printer. I got a sudden urge to try this out last week. I looked on Pinterest for some tips and ideas. I found lots of different ones like using spray adhesive, freezer paper, etc. But by far the easier solution with what I had readily available at home was this one (using only double-sided tape and a piece of card).
I decided to give it a go. Here is what I did.

L7 Designs Congratulations Card
This post is part of the Etsy Greetings Wedding Blog hop. Etsy Greetings is a wonderful team of Etsy-based artists who create all sorts of amazing greeting cards and more. All styles and wishes are catered for in this team. Diversity is key (which I like).

If you have just hopped on from Carrie's blog (L7 Designs), welcome, bienvenue, wilkommen.... If you don't know my blog, feel free to browse, but be warned, it is still new and under construction.

For the bike fans out there, here is one of my latest creations. Very simple, modern and eco-friendly Save the Date postcards. These were created for a couple who knew what they wanted from the beginning (down to the fonts). We just played with the layouts slightly.
A while back a lovely Emily from Etsy Germany emailed me to ask me if I had more wedding products in the pipeline. At the time, I only had one Save the Date card listed.
I knew wedding season was approaching and it was a top priority on my to-do list. So I replied I was working on it.