Often, I list items and people buy them without even asking about anything even though it is customisable card. They just email me with the names they want on the cards and after I send a proof back, that is it. They are happy and so am I.
But other times, people contact me explaining they like a card but would like this and this changed or ask if it is possible and then we start on a long back and forth conversation with trials and errors.
So I have decided to show you what one of the items in my shop ends up looking like.
Recently, I have sold many of these thank you cards (mostly for weddings).
It is a simple card with the names of the couple, the word 'thank you' and a small love heart. The back is usually left blank. It is printed on thick and very sturdy off-white/grey kraft card (300gsm).
Here are some of the different version I have made of it recently.
As you can see, (almost) anything is possible!

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