Since I opened my shop, I have always wanted to have packaging that met my eco expectations and lived up to the credentials of my shop and designs.
After a few weeks of searching, supplies that worked with my budget and met my criteria, I think I have cracked it!
My paper goods are wrapped in kraft bags (white or brown) made out of 100% recycled paper. These are cheap and can be reused, personalised, etc. It also saves a lot of time on packing! These bags are then secured with 100% biodegradable hemp twine. Hemp is one of the most eco-friendly products that can be grown as it has a very low environmental impact. No more nasty sticky tape.
I add my own business card (printed on upcycled card) and add a little thank you note for a more personal touch. I hope you like it!
Now, off to find eco-friendly shipping supplies!

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