Forgive me if this is old news to you, but I have recently discovered paper straws. And I love them! I bought some really lovely ones for a picnic recently. They weren't as bright as I had hoped but great nonetheless.
Paper straws from Casa di Falcone
I was unsure about how well they would hold out while wet. They turned out great. They start to soften a little when you leave them in something liquid. But that is to be expected and they still function really well. Everybody commented on how lovely they were and how so much more environmentally-friendly it is.
You can buy them in many colours these days and the possibilities are endless!
The only drawback I can think of is with very young children. My daughter, 2, likes to play with her straws and often ends up biting them. I am sure she would end up eating paper with these!
Happy drinking!

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