Have you ever tried printing on fabric? I mean putting fabric through your household printer. I got a sudden urge to try this out last week. I looked on Pinterest for some tips and ideas. I found lots of different ones like using spray adhesive, freezer paper, etc. But by far the easier solution with what I had readily available at home was this one (using only double-sided tape and a piece of card).
I decided to give it a go. Here is what I did.
I simply cut out a piece of fabric the size of my card, stuck it on with double-sided tape.

The fabric  needs to be quite stretched. I left the edges rough as this is the effect I was after. I passed it through the printer and voila!

Depending on the type of fabric you use, your text will be more or less stretched. I even used the same card twice to print another piece of fabric (but I reapplied on layer of tape as the printer was pulling the fabric off the card).

This is pretty easy to do at home and would make fun Save the Date cards, invitations for baby showers or kids' birthdays with cute patterned fabrics, for example.

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